Details about ordering your Playdate.

What currencies do you support?

At this time, all Playdate Store transactions are in US Dollars (USD).

Your bank or payment provider may charge additional fees for currency conversions. Contact your bank for more information.

When can I pre-order?

You can pre-order now at shop.play.date/.

When will units actually start shipping?

Our factory is currently manufacturing our initial order for 20,000 units. Those units will be sent to our fulfillment warehouse in batches.

We’ll ship units as they are received from the factory, some each week, starting in late 2021.

We will adjust production for future orders based on demand, and ship them as fast as we can make them. We’ll provide more specific timing as we go.

Where can I buy a Playdate?

You can purchase a Playdate from our website at shop.play.date.

All units will be shipped from our fulfillment warehouse in California.

Can I make changes to an existing order?

Because taxes and shipping costs are calculated at checkout, changes to the shipping address or item quantity will require a new order.

To make a change to an order you’ve already placed, simply cancel your order at play.date/orders, and place a new one. This can only be done before your order ships.

Please note that you will not maintain your current spot in the order queue.

Visit play.date/players/account to update your email address or other account details.