Playdate Community Expectations


Any Playdate owner can set their username on their account page. This username will currently be shown on game leaderboards; in the future, it may be visible other places as well.

With this in mind, it’s important to us to keep the usernames safe for everyone. When a username is set, we screen out some common unwelcome phrases automatically; we moderate the global list of usernames manually; and we react to reported usernames.

Our general approach to rejecting usernames is to prevent fraud, abuse, and toxic behavior. We will remove usernames that, for instance, pretend to be someone or something they’re not; usernames including language that would make most players uncomfortable; those that target a specific person or group; or usernames that create a bad environment.

This judgment isn’t always easy to put into firm rules, and we’ll check with different people before deciding an edge case to make sure we’re making the right call. Even so, if you think we have rejected a username unfairly, let us know—we’re here to learn and improve.

Reporting a username

If you’d like to report a problematic username, or any other Playdate community behavior you think we shouldn’t welcome, please let us know.

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