Playdate Manual

Thank you so much for buying Playdate.

Looking for a copy of the manual that came in the box with your Playdate device? Here it is!

To get started, press Lock — it’s on top!

Image of the Lock button on the top of the Playdate.

(If nothing happens, first charge your Playdate with the included USB cable.)


  • To use the crank, pull it out from the bottom, then flip it all the way up. Easy.
Image of the crank being undocked from the Playdate.
  • Press the menu button ⊙ to pause a game, access options, or return home.
  • Hold menu while pressing left/right on the d-pad to quickly adjust the volume.
  • Make your own games! Visit to learn how.

Sleep Mode

  • Press the Lock button on top to pause your game, and put Playdate to sleep.
  • Your Playdate will show a clock while sleeping. The screen uses very little power during sleep mode, don’t worry!
  • You can customize what Playdate shows while locked in Settings.

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