Screenshots can be captured at any point from Playdate’s system Menu.

Taking a screenshot

When you want to take a screenshot, do the following on your Playdate:

  • Press the system Menu button (the round one in the top-right corner of the device).
  • Use the Screenshot option in the menu.
  • Note that the Menu will temporarily hide; the resulting screenshot will include whatever was on the screen right before the menu was invoked.

Accessing the screenshots

Currently, screenshots are files you can manually get from Playdate’s disk. Here’s how:

  • Connect your Playdate to your computer via USB cable.
  • Follow the instructions in this article to put your Playdate in Data Disk mode.
  • Open the newly mounted PLAYDATE disk on your computer.
  • Note the Screenshots folder. This will include GIF images of your screenshots. You can now copy these images to your computer.

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