Is there a media kit?

Yes! Download our Playdate Media (12 MB) to access photos, logos, and more.

About Playdate

Playdate is a brand new handheld video game system that’s not quite like anything else. Sure, it’s got the usual d-pad, A+B buttons, pause button, etc. But it also has a crank — a rotational analog controller that flips out from the side and puts a new spin on games. The screen is black and white, and it’s beautiful. It has no backlight, but it’s super reflective. It’s an aesthetic like no other.

Playdate is not just a platform, it’s a complete experience: brand new games, delivered over time, directly to the device. These games have been created by some of today’s most exciting indie developers—some you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t. The games will remain a surprise until magically delivered.

Playdate is available for order now.

About Panic

Founded in 1999, Panic started making software exclusively for the Mac, including Audion, a now-discontinued pioneering MP3 player; Transmit, a file transfer client still going strong; and the brand-new Nova, a professional web development IDE.

Panic also publishes video games, starting with the incredible Firewatch from Campo Santo, Untitled Goose Game from House House, and, coming soon, Nour: Play with Your Food from Terrifying Jellyfish.

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