Playdate Media Kit

Download our Playdate Media (14 MB) to access photos, logos, and more.

About Playdate

Playdate is a truly unique gaming handheld system that is a celebration of video games.

It’s yellow. It fits in your pocket. It fits in your pocket. It includes amazing games from prolific and first-time developers. It has a beautiful black-and-white screen, and yes, it also has a crank.

Created with great attention to detail and affection by app developer and video game publisher Panic, in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, Playdate hopes to capture the spirit of endless possibility and excitement that games have given us since the beginning. Playdate’s collection of games will delight players with their inventiveness and ingenuity. And in addition to introducing players to brand new games, Playdate also encourages people to create their own imaginative games and interactive software using a suite of easy development tools. In short, Playdate was made just for fun.

Playdate is available for order now.

About Panic

Founded in 1999, Panic started making software exclusively for the Mac, including Audion, a now-discontinued pioneering MP3 player; Transmit, a file transfer client still going strong; the brand-new Nova, a Mac code editor; and Prompt, the best SSH client for iOS.

Panic also publishes video games: Firewatch from Campo Santo, Untitled Goose Game from House House, Nour: Play with Your Food from Terrifying Jellyfish, and more.

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