How does the game season work?

Here’s how.

  • When you get your Playdate and connect it to Wi-Fi, Season One will begin for you.
  • You’ll get your first two games immediately! Then…
  • On New Game Day, two brand new games will deliver to your Playdate, each week!
  • New Game Day is the same day of the week for everyone.
  • With Playdates delivered in batches, many people will get the same game on the same day.
  • Season One will last for twelve weeks.

That’s all there is to it.

By delivering Season One this way, no one will “miss” Season One even if their Playdate arrives much later. And no one will miss out on the important experience of having surprise games delivered to their Playdate.


Your Questions

Q: Do games get deleted when the week is over?
A: Absolutely not. You keep the games forever.
Q: Is the season tied to a physical Playdate device?
A: While every Playdate device can have its own season schedule (depending on when you first registered it) the season is ultimately tied to your Playdate account. You won’t “lose” any of the season games, and you can edit the season schedule.
Q: What if I run out of room?
A: Season One will fit on your Playdate. But if you want to make room for side-loaded games, you can uninstall or reinstall games at any time via Settings.
Q: Does Season One cost money?
A: Nope! It comes free with your Playdate.
Q: Will there be future seasons?
A: We’re figuring that out now!! (But remember, you can always sideload games onto Playdate.)


Our initial dream was a fully synchronized season for every owner, but that turned out to be really really hard to do with the reality of manufacturing (the factory can only make so many a week!) and distribution (international package delivery is only so reliable!)

But here’s the good news. If there’s a Season Two for Playdate, and we truly hope there will be, we’ll be able to deliver on our original dream of a worldwide synchronized season — since lots of people will have Playdates already in-hand!


  • We recommend making sure your Playdate is at a minimum holding a 20% charge in order to have games downloaded automatically.
  • If you’d like to jump ahead in your season schedule, it’s possible to do this. Here’s how.

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