Installing Playdate Catalog games

Playdate Catalog is a selection of amazing Playdate games available for purchase in the Catalog app on the Playdate, or on the web at

Adding a payment card to your account

Before buying games in Catalog, you’ll need to add a payment card to your account. This card will be charged when making purchase on your Playdate as well.

Buying and installing games on your Playdate

Catalog is a Playdate app available in Playdate OS 1.1. It will be listed in the System section of the Home launch, near the bottom of the list.

Games bought in the Catalog app will be installed by the app itself. Follow the in-app instructions as you go through the purchase process.

You can offload and re-download purchased games through the Games section of Settings on Playdate.

Buying and installing games on the web

If you’re logged in to your account at, you can buy games on the web. These are tied to your account, and will be available for download on any Playdate you’ve set up.

Your Playdate will install newly available games when it talks to our server. It does so every few hours, and you may simply find the game already installed the next time you pick up your Playdate. If you’d like to manually install the game right now, do this:

  • Go to Settings on your Playdate.
  • Go to Games.
  • Refresh the list (this may happen automatically) and find the game you uploaded.
  • Install the game, and that’s it!

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